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Non-Student Application

Get the ultimate Behind-The-Wheel Driver training

That's right! You don't have to be an in-class student to get your Behind-The-Wheel driver training. We are here to help! We offer Behind-The-Wheel driver training in three (3) 2-hour lessons. Complete this Non-Student Application form and payment below so we can get you on the road right away! We look forward to helping you get ready for this fast-paced world.

Terms of agreement

Required documentation

Non-student driver must present a valid driving permit to use a school vehicle. To schedule your Behind-The-Wheel session, the non-student can upload a picture of their Learners Permit and Classroom Student Record and Completion Form or bring them to the driving school office to verify in-class driving course completion.


Behind-The-Wheel driving lessons begin at The Ultimate Driving School (TUDS) parking lot. Driving lessons are scheduled in two (2) hour intervals for Behind-The-Wheel driving appointments. Only one (1), two hour driving appointment may be scheduled per day.

Re-schedule / Cancellation / Notice

The driving student will be given a 15-minute arrival grace period. Time will be deducted from the session if the student is less than 30 minutes late. If the student is more than 30 minutes late, the session will be canceled and a $75 cancellation fee will be charged.

Things happen and you may need to re-schedule your driving sessions. If this happens, we require a twenty four (24) hour cancellation notice prior to your scheduled session. Driving students who cancel any session without providing a twenty four (24) hour cancellation notice, will be charged a $65.00 cancellation fee for that driving session. This fee must be paid before the next lesson can be re-scheduled.

Must be PAID IN FULL prior to scheduling first session.

Non-Student Application Form

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By submitting this form, the driving student, parent, guardian confirms that you have read the Terms of Agreement above and completely understand and agree to all policies, rules, and regulations contained within this Agreement. Furthermore, you agree to abide by all policies, rules, and regulations as mentioned in the above Terms of Agreement. Moreover, you understand that any violation by a student under this Terms of Agreement is subject to the penalties and sanctions as mentioned in the Agreement.

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No Delay Time! Two New Cars!


$ 300.00 

6 hours Behind-the-wheel instruction with Non-Student Application.
We can get you behind-the-wheel quicker than most schools in the area.
Contact our office for availability at:
410 273 1326