REfund Policy

Students that withdraw from the driver education program prior to completion are entitled to a prorated refund if paid in full according to the following:

Withdrawal more than one week prior to start of class: 100% refund

If a student cancels enrollment before the start of the second unit of that course term, a full reimbursement will be given, excluding the $50.00 registration fee.

Should a student withdraw from the course prior to the conclusion of the course, a prorated refund will be given as follows: If fees are paid in full at the time of withdrawal:

Refund will equal:

Classroom Instructional Hours = 30
Cost of Classroom Instruction = $54.00
Prorated Hourly = $1.80/hour

Behind the Wheel Instruction Hours = 6
Cost of Behind the Wheel Instruction = $306
Prorated Hourly = $51.00/hourly

If a student misses more than 4 classes and did not notified the school - NO refund.
The student will have to start the 30 hours of classroom instruction over.

All refunds must be requested in writing & accompanied with a current receipt. Refunds will be forwarded to the address provided on record within 15 days of the date that written notification of withdrawal was received.

TB3, LLC dba The Ultimate Driving School reserves the right to cancel any class or session due to weather, emergency, illness, or student enrollment (5 or less students).